Exhaust gases are colourless, odourless and lethal inside your car.

What is an exhaust system?

The exhaust system must deliver dangerous gases from the engine to a safe exit point at the rear. Any escape of these gases into the vehicle can be potentially fatal to the occupants.

The catalytic converter reduces the exhaust gas pollutants released into the atmosphere while the muffler and resonator reduce the level of noise omitted.

Why do mufflers rust?

Inside the muffler a variety of corrosive gases and acidic soups attack the metal interior under extreme temperatures. Chemical corrosion is caused by oxidation, cold condensate and the presence of acids associated with internal combustion.

The quality of the fuel, presence of additives, air - to - fuel ratio, engine setup and efficiency of the catalytic converter all effect the life of a muffler. As it accumulates, the acidic soup begins to attack the interior surfaces of the muffler.

Your driving habits, the exhaust design, climate temperature, humidity and contact with salt are all reasons why mufflers rust and need replacing.

Quality exhaust repairs

Guaranteed exhaust repairs by friendly experienced tradesmen. Our modern workshops have the latest equipment plus a huge stock of quality exhaust products. We offer a while you wait service or for that larger job are happy to drop you back to work or home. See the experts for a quality exhaust repair – while you wait.

Any make – any model

In NZ we have thousands of different model cars so OE replacement parts are very expensive. Since 1976 we have manufactured replacement exhaust systems on the vehicle using universal fitment mufflers, specialised tube benders and trained technicians who know their trade.

With specialist benders and dedicated hoists our manufactured replacement exhausts are cheaper than replacement OE parts.

Why do mufflers rust?
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