Failed a W.O.F? We can help you with brakes, exhausts, tyres, emission control, shocks and alignment. Call us today to book an appointment and save money on all undercar repairs!


Our free 20 point brake check includes a full "wheels off" inspection and written report detailing what needs to be repaired. Why a "wheels off " inspection? Wheels must come off in order to measure the rotor thickness and ensure it meets the law's standards. We check everything, quote accordingly and repair efficiently.


We offer a while-you-wait service for exhaust repairs. If you can't wait we are happy to drop you off nearby. Our highly-trained staff can manufacture exhausts for any vehicle and also have a huge range of products in stock. See the experts for a quality exhaust repair - while you wait!


Top brands at great prices which include GST, fitting, balancing and the environmental disposal of old tyres.
Call now for great value tyres!


Modern catalytic converters reduce your vehicle's emissions. Sensors help adjust the fuel mixture via the engine management computer which cannot function properly if the catalytic converter is removed. Call now to get your catalytic converter checked or replaced!


Shock absorbers are designed to wear out. Call us today to get a 20% discount and replace your worn-out suspension. Replacement shock absorbers minimise loss of road contact, allow the driver to regain stability sooner and restore the vehicle's safety.


We can adjust your vehicle's wheel alignment to reduce tyre wear, improve vehicle safety and provide better handling, especially when cornering on the open road.

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