In 1976, Rex Upton started a specialist exhaust repair workshop.

Soon after he installed the first hydraulic tube bender in the South Island. This machine let us manufacture replacement exhaust pipes for specific vehicles at a fraction of the cost of original replacement parts. It was no longer necessary to replace the complete system. Customers also had the option of larger diameter pipes which improved vehicle performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Later, our workshops installed some of the first MiG welders in New Zealand. We installed wheels-free hoists when other workshops were working in pits, too. We geared everything towards getting the car repaired as fast as possible  all the tools, consumables, safety equipment and expertise. 

With this emphasis on quality repairs, honest pricing and superior customer service our business expanded through a combination of opening new workshops or buying existing shops.

For 35 years we've invested in qualified staff who take pride in their work.

The people are our business' most valuable asset. We run a 5,000 hour in-house training programme to ensure our staff are well-trained. Even qualified automotive technicians employed by the company get extra training for specialist equipment, the latest technical trends and customer service. 

Several employees have been with the company over 20 years and it's not uncommon for mechanics to seek advice from our experts.

For the last 10 years all of our workshops have specialised in exhausts and brake repairs. Our trend is now towards offering a full range undercar services  this why our name changed from Magoo Muffler & Brake to Magoo Auto

Our range of undercar services are being introduced in conjunction with staff training, quality assurance, OSH and new suppliers so we can continue to offer you great value for money.

Our directors and staff are committed to meeting the changing trends of the automotive repair industry  especially in the areas effecting the environment and safety.

Above: Our Invercargill branch, 55 Nith Street.

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