Proper wheel alignment will decrease tyre wear, improve vehicle safety and reduce fuel costs.
A wheel alignment involves adjusting the suspension of your car so that all wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Correct alignment of the wheels reduces tyre wear, improves vehicle safety and provides better handling especially when cornering on the open road. Our HOFFMAN four wheel computerised alignment system can reference the front and back wheels simultaneously to detect set back, thrust angle and steering centre problems.

Proper wheel alignment will:
  • Extend tyre life
  • Improve road handling
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Improve braking ability
  • Make your drive SAFER



Wheel camber is the angle of the wheel perpendicular to the ground.
If the wheel is "leaning" the tyre will wear prematurely on the inside or outside edge of the tread. If the camber is different on both sides of the vehicle it will tend to pull to one side of the road in an unsafe manner.


Caster is the angle of this steering pivot measured from the side of the car.
If the caster angle is not to specification the vehicle will wander, the steering will be light and the car will not drive in a straight line.


Toe-in is the measurement to ensure the front wheels are running parallel.
Incorrect toe-in will cause rapid tyre wear as the tyre is literally being dragged sideways. It is a major safety problem.

Poor wheel alignment means your tyres may only have partial contact with the road. This effects cornering, braking distance and overall safety of the car. Steering problems can also arise from different tyre sizes or unequal tyre pressures.

We can repair all of these problems! Our HOFFMAN machines reference the front and rear wheels simultaneously and can detect set back, incorrect thrust angle and steering centre problems.

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