Keep your tyres in contact with the ground.
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Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are vital to the car's ability to brake properly, corner safely and give good passenger comfort. The main objective of your shock absorbers or "struts" is to keep the vehicles tyres in contact with the road. They control the movement of the springs and suspension components but do not support the vehicles weight. Any time a tyre loses contact with the road your ability to drive, steer and brake is severely compromised. Shock absorbers are designed to wear out.

Replacement shock absorbers minimise this loss of road contact, allow the driver to regain stability and restore the vehicle's safety. 

Why do I need new shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers are a vital safety link between the road and your car's steering, suspension and braking systems. The safety of you, your passengers and other road users is compromised if you cannot steer or brake effectively because of worn or failed shock absorbers.

Replacement shock absorbers will restore safety, improve vehicle handling, reduce stopping distance and extend tyre life. Call us now for discounted shock absorbers!

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